Graduation Day

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It is official. Maria now has her very first, he actually asked her (twice) to be his girlfriend, boyfriend. He's about four years older than she, which at 20 and 24 really isn't that big a deal. They have shared interests - they met at an Anime convention this summer. He has called or texted or called and texted her every single day since she came home.

She's very nervous, though. She has been in therapy for almost four years now, but she's still not really comfortable with the idea of an adult-type relationship. And while I beat myself up over it each and every day, I did get her out when I could. I just couldn't do it soon enough.

But... he's well dressed, and soft-spoken, and he respects her and wants to make something of his life. And he really does seem to want to get to know her better. I've got to give him credit for that, as well as for hanging in there when she initially told him she wasn't interested. (In a nice way, of course.)

However, I have informed her that there will be no dreads at the wedding. (Not that she's planning one, but still...)
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Graduation Day

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A year ago my little girl was getting ready to be graduated from high school. Yesterday she arrived home from her first year in college. What a difference a year makes!!

I left here on the 22nd of April and drove out there to pick her up and move her things out of the dorm. She'll be in an apartment with two other girls next year, but I have no doubt that she's ready.

She has learned to live with others, to set good priorities (B averages both semesters), to take good care of her health, and to set aside time for fun. I can't think of anything more I would want for her first year.

We stopped in Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, the Petrified Forest, Dallas and New Orleans on the way home to Ohio...where we will be off and on until mid-August when it will be time to take her back to her new home.
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Happy Birthday, Maria

Twenty years ago today you came into this world... with a bad attitude! You were pissed off at the way my body was treating you, and by golly, you were going to let me know about it. I'll never forget your glare from across the room as I entered the nursery, and your insistence on holding your breath whenever someone pulled a shirt over your head. Just had to make all the bells and whistles go off to let us know you were in charge.

Three pounds even (we all know Dr. Paul gave you that quarter ounce by putting his finger on the scale with you) and mad as a wet hen! You were a survivor then, and you are a survivor now.

You have grown into a lovely and talented young lady. Yes, you have your flaws (we all do) and no, you aren't the most reliable speller in the world, but you are intelligent, warm, loving and the very best daughter anyone could ever want.

I hope this year will bring you all the joy in the world, and that you will embrace every new experience with the zest you have shown for so many others. (Except the whole Ohio thing... you didn't embrace that one very well)

I love you.

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Update on me:

The gluten-free thing is going much better. I'm almost to the point of actually accepting it, and have finally managed to clean out all my cupboards. Now it is just a matter of getting used to cooking again. I've lived on cheap tv dinners for too long.

Bernie(my therapist) has been saying for years that I need to get involved with something - this could be it. I am planning to attend at least one convention this year, and will do more as time and money allow. Cooking and medicine... two former great interests.

Filled out Maria's financial aid stuff this week. We're not going to be taking any expensive vacations this year! Just the trips to and from California. (And perhaps a short stint in Florida for the new Harry Potter stuff at Universal)
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I need a little advice. You see, my debit card was compromised this week, and I wound up with several charges (including one for $518.00) showing up on my account.

I've spoken with the companies involved, and they are reversing the charges, and the bank is rush shipping me a new card (ugh... now I have to change everything I have on auto-pay.)

However, I need to know how to avoid having this happen again with the new card. I've only gone to one new place in the past two weeks, but that is the one and only shop in the area that caries gluten-free flour, pasta, bread and all that jazz. So I'm kind of stuck shopping there. And while I know it might not have happened there, I've not had this problem in the three years I've lived here and gone to all the other places I shop/visit the doctor/pay the hospital, etc.

So... what to do? Do I start looking for another store, or just hope it doesn't happen again?
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Hope your day was incredible, that everything went according to plan, and that you will have a magnificent and very long life together.

(Posting for the future... when you get back from the honeymoon and have time for LJ again)
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