hislittle (hislittle) wrote,

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celiac sprue

Okay, body. Now I'm just mad. Enough of this stupid shit. Get over yourself.

Just exactly when does it get to be too much? Too much to handle? Too much effort? Too much trouble to even try to keep up with the nonsense?

Biopsy results came back today. Thank goodness I love rice and potatoes, but I hate, hate, hate the idea of giving up my snaps pretzels, my eggs benedict, my girl scout cookies. Not to mention all the other things that contain wheat, or some other obscure source of gluten.

I know it is going to take some time to process this new "thing" that's happened. And I know that eventually I will do so, and will take advantage of all the resources available to me to help make this easier. But today? Today I want to hit every fast food place within fifty miles, shove two, three, four or six pans of brownies, cakes, pies down my throat, and follow it all up with a case of beer. And I don't even like beer.
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