April 21st, 2010

Maria, Prom

Happy Birthday, Maria

Twenty years ago today you came into this world... with a bad attitude! You were pissed off at the way my body was treating you, and by golly, you were going to let me know about it. I'll never forget your glare from across the room as I entered the nursery, and your insistence on holding your breath whenever someone pulled a shirt over your head. Just had to make all the bells and whistles go off to let us know you were in charge.

Three pounds even (we all know Dr. Paul gave you that quarter ounce by putting his finger on the scale with you) and mad as a wet hen! You were a survivor then, and you are a survivor now.

You have grown into a lovely and talented young lady. Yes, you have your flaws (we all do) and no, you aren't the most reliable speller in the world, but you are intelligent, warm, loving and the very best daughter anyone could ever want.

I hope this year will bring you all the joy in the world, and that you will embrace every new experience with the zest you have shown for so many others. (Except the whole Ohio thing... you didn't embrace that one very well)

I love you.

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